365 Days de Victorious

365 Days Letra



'365 Days'

Well baby if fell for you

I wrote you this song

I wait outside yoor door,
Even though i know its wrong...

7 days a week
Every hour of the month
Gonna let you
Know where my heart
Is commin from

I shouldnt fell this way,
But i gonna say
Baby i gotta let you now

I will try
To make you grow
Closer to me

And maybe make
You beleave
That i will bahave

How can i
Get it through
To tell you
What i cant lose

I will try 365 days,
365 ways to get to you

Yeah, to get to
You, you, you, you

Every second,
I want you all
To myself
(All to my self)

Every second
Every second
Every tick tick of
The clock

I just can
Handle myself,
Feeling kinda guilty
but girl i cant stop

Girl i don´t wanna
Nobody else,
No one else,
No one else...

I will try
To make you grow
Closer to me

I´ll try 365 days...
365 ways
To get to you

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