Flaming Passion Letra y Canción


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FLAMING PASSION es una canción de Entierro.


'Flaming Passion'

Cometh on the rise
Rideth on the way
Wrought on the top
Sought on the night

This feeling burning black
This sense carries spark
A sacred altar dark
Emblazoned and enshrined

Supernal gods of mighty power
Fill my heart with purely evil
Fix my soul with hatred lust
Take me to a distant world

Flaming passion my hear senses
Flaming from above the sky
Hell into me create fences
Take me to the other side

Lika a wind I feel it blowing
Blowing from the underdark
My heart is now just showing
Showing me an evil path

A North Demon roars
A helmet in my head
For I battle this waste lands
For I let her be led

This flaming passion burns
This flaming passion freezes
This passion suddenly runs
Leading forces and whispers