Yayo Gutierrez

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Yayo Gutierrez


Look down, and I beam collapsed
the floor is very cold
and has given you no beam
I offer and I invite although indirect

you to stay with me do not give more laps
this is the best and believe to have relief
hurts us together but do not forget
and although you already have last words, I'm still alive

you cut my wings, and I will not
charge to life this pain I tipped
each losing battle against thee oh
What the hell care what others say

You and I are one, and each his life
with deaf ears to the voices irritate
this is what you want
or just want the output

is that it is easier for you
and is more deadly even for me
you've got a road, my route is meaningless.
Look at me, turn to me, I'm here

I am to you, look at me!
I am forever, I'm here
Die for you, do not leave me
So, without you, Do not let me, so

No tii !!!
Look at me, turn to me, I am here, I am to you, look at me,
I am forever, I'm here,
Die for you !!!
Look at me, turn to me, I'm here, I'm for you
I am for tii !!