Vocaloid 2

Letra de la canción

This town of night
Is lit by a light
The sound of a creaking gear and a wheel
It echoed as I walked
I don't even have an address to go to
And I'm not able to walk well

Why must I have been born?
Why is my heart the colour of silver?

In distant old days, that person spoke to me
"You are a special doll"
Dancing and singing
As he praised me
Even now I sing, always
He will not awake his eyes and also sing

Why must I have been born?
I'll only continue singing for eternity

Someday I'll sleep
And go to the wonderful place where that person is
My wish does not come true
I sing, live and break alone

Time passes
And I even forget songs
I hurry to the place where that person sleeps
While I drag my cracked body
I fall down many times

The place where you're able to see the sea is attached with flowers
Now, I'll go to sleep
Together with that person

My wish will come true
"It was enough that you lived alone"
I heard that person's voice, it was close by

In my dreams, I heard the voice many times
It resounds kindly in my heart
A peaceful light
Envelopes me
And I smile

I smile

Letra añadida por: Anya.

Vocaloid 2
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