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What a cute young lady we have here!
Your pure white fur is so lovely and superb!
In this night with such a beautiful moon,
would you like to play together with me?

A cat can only live once,
so it's all about having fun.
Shall I tear that collar around your neck
to pieces with my teeth?

Being a stray is the best! Meow meow meow♪
I steal fish to eat, chase after pigeons,
and look down on the working humans from the roof,
where I doze off into a light nap.

You should be free, too. Meow meow meow♪
I'll also introduce some great buddies to you.
Come now, open up that window,
and leap right out!

What a willful Mr. Stray we have here!
Only your eyes are sparkling in the darkness.
You sure know how to talk with that mouth,
but I am not a dumb lady.

A cat can only live once,
so that's why I am being kept as a pet.
Do you even have the faintest idea
how much the collar of this brand costs?

I am graceful. Meow meow meow♪
I eat delicious meals and sleep on a fluffy bed.
Although I slightly dislike water,
I still take a shower everyday.

Compared to me, meow meow meow♪
from whom can you seek protection?
Tomorrow, just maybe,
you could be run over by a car!

Your assertive sassiness is charming, too.
I'm beginning to take a liking to you.

Oh my, how blunt, but what you're doing
will not be able to move my heart

My dream, meow meow meow♪
is to leap out of this town eventually,
journey to the distant Northern land,
and watch the aurora lights there.

If you, meow meow meow♪
could be there with me, it'd be wonderful.
But I guess it will never happen...

My way of living, meow meow meow♪
cannot be changed so easily.
Besides, I simply do not have the heart
to abandon the girl who keeps me as her pet.

I'm still talking, meow meow meow♪
are you already leaving? Com'on, Wait!
Please feel free to visit me again tomorrow.
I will be waiting...
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: Anya.

Vocaloid 2
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