All i need - Match Box Twenty

All i need

Match Box Twenty

Letra, canción


'All i need'

Everywhere someone's getting over
Everybody cries and sometimes
You can still lose even if you really try
Talking 'bout the dream like the dream is over
Talk like that won't get you nowhere
Everybody's trusting in the heart
Like the heart don't die

But that's all that I need
Someone else to cling to
Someone I can lean on until
I don't need to
Just stay all through the night
And in the morning let me down
Cuz that's all that I need right now

Everywhere someone's getting over
Everybody's lied to someone
People still use other people
With a crooked smile
All around the world
There's a sinking feeling
Somewhere right now
Someone's really
Down on themselves
And don't know why


Life ain't no
Beauty show
We don't know where tomorrow ends
And when we're sad
It's kind of a drag


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All i need



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