Neighborhoods (Deluxe) - Fighting the gravity

Fighting the gravity Letra



Fighting the gravity (Letra/Lyrics)

This makes no sense

This air is too thick to breathe, so just drive
These eyes are too sick to see, don't leave me behind
Something's swimming in my blood
Something's rotting in my brain
Lungs smothered from the flood
I can't recognize your face
I need to leave, so just drive

Burning lights on the street, i'm fighting the gravity
When i'm beat and defeated they'll take you away from me
Dead and lost in a dream, this is the last of me
I'm always fighting the gravity

Tonight is too much for me to get through
Tomorrow's just a darkened hall to an empty room
When i'm far away from you

Datos de esta canción

FIGHTING THE GRAVITY es una canción de blink-182 del año 2011, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Neighborhoods (Deluxe). Agradecemos a moontse... por haber sudido la letra de Fighting the gravity.