El Movimiento Alterado

Carteles Unidos en inglés - Letra

El Movimiento Alterado

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And this is the movement altered
Bare Sinaloa my company

(The Buchon In Culiacán)
To continue and to continue the war
It is open
All their posts please bibs
Go up the grenades pa 'bucking hard
Armen starts killing their teams

(Alfredo Rios The Komander)
Signs attached is the new company
The commands it has a head in May
Chapo supports it together grab power
Posters united fight for their land

(JR Jesus Rodriguez)
The virus spread and all sick
Weapons and armor pa 'minds
Experts are still moving forward with intelligence
Chinese 5.7 and bursts

(The Bukan of Culiacan)
Oh they will support pa 'knock heads
The male leads the way with all
And bazooka in hand chest
Already has experience
Chest grenades in them is death

(The New Elegant)
I've been fighting too
Torturing cutting heads
Knife in hand, his face senile
It seems human
The hatred in his veins had dominated

(The first 2)
Even without front and it has been raffled
Your password is the one nicknamed him flown
No remorse staining
Without studded haiga

(Clika Fools)
And it continues to be a ghost legend
The brave and people with grenade launchers
In the male war support
And Anthrax plywood and equipment
From May Zambada

Force (Tijuana)
Their lives their faces become infected
More death and torture if they are contrary
Death in their souls and has sheltered
They sold their souls for the devil bullets

(Oscar Garcia)
His eyes flash wielding their weapons
Blasts and blood are mixed in a
These gunmen kill and torture
Dismembering bodies
Move and fight

(Los Plebes In Mocorito)
Cleaning team also leads the way
With rifle and grenade sowing death
There was no other way
Suddenly at his command is run by
Number 20

(Rogelio Martínez RM)
Ward Square rats and scourges
Cons advocate destroying the poster
States continue for whatever
You know my click I say the 6

(Gabriel Silva)
Signs attached so our partnership
Half a unit fighting a cause
The clean started
Square to watch out
Here is the message it sends the clique