En el barrio de Nyno

En el barrio en inglés



En el barrio (en inglés)

Aloy with Nyno
The voice of the neighborhood
This is what happens in our neighborhood
Hear men

Aloy :
Welcome to the street The street is where we grew
And where based sticks and bad times we learned
And we realized what a and a motto in our area What ?
Get a Life that death comes only

Where the child is no longer a child all alone in your room
Dealer dreams of being like his older brother
Do not play with toys that do not do homework pa
Now prefer smoking pot and becoming addicted to play 3

There are kids who are lazy and do not want currar
But alas others who are not and have to deal
It's easier and I do and I do not say that this good
But who shoots with a normal salary palante

Some have a hard time making ends pa month
Others carry BMW 1 series without a license
The Secret in their C4 watching us and controls us
Because these cars are believed to have paid the drug

This is my neighborhood
Kids bike with no papers
And women with husbands in jails stuffed
As I want that is not always in trouble
If I break my mouth for any of mine

You too would understand if you happen do not you think ?
They win in 2 days which the father throughout the month
Your arias that if you had two children in your care
Paying rent without money or work

Dale vargas

Nyno :
So life is lived
In every corner
Becomes necessary
Here the street called me
I can not find out
Living in the neighborhood

Aloy :
Yeh ! You started to buy clothes trafficking
Now your life revolves around coca
It is what touches make money lafarlo
And go out with your buddies to spend holidays

I've seen people stick sticks to catch pa
I saw people stealing out of necessity
I have seen mothers mourn
I have seen parents stick
I have seen so much shit that I would change

Per people only think about money
I trafficking , selling to pay more than ugero
Without thinking that this could end badly is what I say
In my life already and seen in jail many friends

I do not want ... hopefully everything changed
To live in peace without the light attached
But this fuc*** country only based on cynicism
Upload light up the water, but the same charge

The thing does not change going from bad to worse
Go down to the street and earn a living is my job
Though I see I k will not change
People who can not find gigs and gets to traffic

And it is normal to work pa thousand euros per month
You will go between insurance , children and rent
Sothat ! pa spend the month I have no more na
Hear something we do not . Dale Vargas

Nyno :
So life is lived
In every corner
Becomes necessary
Here the street called me
I can not find out
Living in the neighborhood (bis )

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