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Boring Brick


Letra, canción


'Boring Brick'

I'm tired
I hate this
It's awful this thing
I think that I must get out of here
And don't put another brick in our boring love construction
In conclusion
I must leave
It will be the best for ourselves
I leave the book in its own shelf
I take out onother one and I open it in a new chapter
A chapter without you
A chapter in a book without you, fool


I won't put another single brick in owr boring love contruction
I'll better leave, that's a great solution
I'll unbreak my life without your help
I'll rescue my real me
And I'll look for someone else


I'll better go, this is boring
Cause the boring bricks
If you try to find me, baby I'll take you strait hell
That it will fit me well
Yeah, I swear that will give more fun
I can wait to see the sun go down and see you go away


Chorus xD

I won't put another boring brick here
I must get out of here
Before you kill my real me

Chorus xD

I won't.

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