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You'll probably meet me at least once
You just said words that you didn't mean
When you said you didn't want to see my face, that it was hard
On the day you said we should end it
In the middle of the night, a rain storm fell
As I drank, I thought of you so I got wasted
Like a habit, I went to the front of your house
And lingered there as I regret and came back

You're My Everything
An unforgettable love that I will long for is leaving me
I'm hurting from separation, I lack so much
Please forgive me - no matter how hard I try
No matter how much I try to erase
I still remember
Because I love you, please give me a chance

I guess I'm a bad guy
Like a fool, I let go of one girl
When she was here, I didn't know and only received
I was so selfish
A jealous love grew inside of me
I tried to hold her down and we fought
Cruel words became thorns to each other
And now I finally regret because I can't go back


I wait like this every day
I miss you so much
But you don't come today either

Letra añadida por: agos_15

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