Steel Panther

Letra de la canción

I fuc*** 17 girls in a row last night and 10 of them gave me head
I had to tip the maid a hundred dollar bill to clean the wet spot off the bed, yes I did
The very next day I told the guys, they flipped me off and said that's all lies
Got to admit I was a little peaved, Stix and Lexxi wouldn't believe

I fuc*** seventeen
Seventeen girls in a row
What a dirty hoe
I banged 17 girls in the grocery store and never lost my erection, no
They had to mop all sperm in aisle 3 and some poop in the produce sex-sex-sex-tion, stinky
When I told the boys in the band they said motherfuc***, you're out of your fuc*** head
I don't lie about the girls I screw, they're all so jealous 'cause they know it's true

I fuc*** seventeen
Seventeen girls in a row, yes I, yes I did

Seventeen girls in a row
Seventeen girls, I shoot my blanks in every hole
Seventeen girls in a row
When I was done, they were begging for more

I fuc*** 17 girls at the trailer park down in Memphis, Tennessee
I whipped out my dick and they got on their knees, like they were all getting ready to pray
Wham to the bam to the thank you ma'am, then I praised the Lord like Billy Graham
Hell, maybe where I'm gonna go, but when we get there I'm pretty sure the Devil will know

I fuc*** seventeen
Seventeen girls in a row

Sweet, young, juicy pussy
I fuc*** seventeen girls in a row

Hop on that cameltoe
I fuc*** seventeen girls in a row
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: Manowar (#13.677)

Steel Panther
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