Grey Eye Glances

There you are
deflections of questions on who you are
you're not a knight at all are you sir lancelot i glance a lot
and by chance i got a few things right
didn't i
like how you bleed
and how you've turned to be
you say you know you feel
you say you know you feel
the pain in me
the water in my well
well it all fits and gels so slowly
tell me yet
if truth overcomes you
one regret is all i ask you since
with cameras gone
the instruments that could prove you wrong are miles and miles from here
so tell me now
and strike me down
you say you know you feel
you say you know you feel
a world of things
a world i long to see
so bring that place to me
right here
oh whatever
feel much better
mind the chatter
tapping out the rhythm of the
mindless mentor
what was spent for
my undoing
did you come to certain understandings then when we all looked uncertain
were you mending then
the pieces you found important
all the same
you still could have told me
or faced it more boldly
instead you just sold me
taste this now
a bit on the bitter side somehow
perhaps you could just add a little more of that yes, isn't that better
goes down smooth
but hey it's always best
when you can meet the cook
and sneak a look
you say you know you feel
you say you know you feel
the timing's off
well it's all the same to me
such an awful world to see
so clearly

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Grey Eye Glances

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