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I saw two souls disappear in the night
Hit the ground, running like wolves from a fight
I'd never heard them
The last words that were said
But i saw her flashing

The colour was red

And here in this ghost town
You're watching your breath
Keep eyes on your shadow
The fear on a tag
Hearts feel rejected
With love they will fled
In the middle of the night
And the colour was red

The colour was red

With spray on the street
And the wind in her hair
There's only the night
Between the men out there
Gut full of hope
But his mind's been misslead
He looked in her eyes
And the colour was red

(tom & dougie)
For my veins
Through this pain
And it rains
For these friends
From my brains
For this pain

Red has never looked so beautiful (x4)

The colour was red (x7)
The colour was…!

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