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And now
the six merry murdresses
of the Cook County Jail
in their rendition of:
"The Cell Block Tango."

Squish aa

He had it coming
he had it comig
he only had himself to blame
if you had been there
if you had seen it
I betcha you would
have done the same.

Squish aaa

You know how people
have these little habits that get you down
like Bernie, Bernie he liked to chew gum
no, not chew, POP!
So I came home this one day
and I am really irritated
and I am looking for a little bit of sympathy
and there is Bernie
lying on the couch
drinking a beer
and chewing
no, not chewing, POPPING!
So I said him, I said:
"You pop that gum one more time"
and he did
so I took the shotgun off the wall
and fired two warning shots
into his head.

He had it coming
he had it coming
he only had himself to blame
if you had been there
if you had heard it
I betcha you would
have done the same.

I met Ezequiel
about two years ago
and he told that he was single
and we hit it off right away
so we started living together.
He'd go to work
he'd come home
I'd fix him a drink
and we'd have dinner.
And then I found out
single he told me
single my butt!
Not only was he married
oh no, he had six wives!
One of those mormons you know
so that night
when he came home from work
I fixed him his drink as usual
you know some guys
just can't hold their arsenic!

He had it coming
he had it coming
he took a flower in its prime
and then he used
and he abused it
it was a murder
but not a crime.

Now I am standing in the kitchen
carving up the chicken for dinner
minding my own business
and in storms
my husband Wilbour
in a jealous rage
"You been doing the milman" he says
he was crazy
and he kept on screaming
"You been doing the milkman!"
And then he ran into my knife
he ran into my knife ten times.

The dirty bum.

They had it coming
(they had it coming)
they had it coming
(they had it coming)
they had it coming all along
cause if they used us
(cause if they used us)
and they abused us
(and they abused us)
how could you tell us that we were wrong?
Could you tell us that we were wrong.


Cell Block Tango

barbie girl 45

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