Violadores del Verso

[Allan Beller]
We are the typical joteros ke curramos little
If Jack's in I'm a bastard bastards more, not suckers
Kieren when cojemos the micro, micro ah,
if necessary I am the gift, Javier Ibarra is the ke sings, so
is like hanging, rombiendo the shit down,
not afraid of any MC bastard
bring that shit and ka pa

I come from the best group called ke bare a whore
Spain, Spain whore, ok? I shit on the king, I live in the
mountain under the city and I am evil ke
in children, there are 41 degrees out there will not but I ke
da ke is in the atmosphere, and the rock is not aware,
No justice, no peace and all for your
the country makes me vomit,
escuchaz desulzura law birds was Kieren
leak, not kids no longer play by play,
if you do not come aki
military're going to weaken the desire kitar
screaming, brings that rum is the song of know ke ke
Money is the condemnation of man, on behalf of
hunger death came and took three children and no, they were
grandchildren of the king, I'm more handsome silent
you are coming to shut you with state terrorism?
I gave
Permission to make bombs with my taxes,
not, then do not call it democracy,
no justice if
war is justified under the sign
the fable crucified, under the cross
justify genocide and
hit the cross to homicide, not
God is the oil monopoly,
God has no hatred
hell, is not no more victims victims
resurrect your victims and so goes the
history of your
Glory is scum tyrants in Europe, America,
Africa, Asia and Oceania, we fear
your cold blood, not
A message is an insult, everyone
adults, no I'm not one more in the package
I'm fuc*** porke
I can not hide I can only drink brings
f*** that rum, bring the rum

Chorus: Bring back that Ron Kase,
that brings back Kase rum, that rum brings
back to Kase,
happens, lands (x2)

Increasingly deaf, even crazier, either
I'm broken but little, more and more alone, more and more
sad corpse increasingly resists pussy kien,
brings that rum is the song of heartbreak ke alcoholics live
dreaming, singing live I'm training
ke these perfect verses I've been thinking, tired of so many
Fake jarkor launched many high, rough,
Long paragraphs (Allan Beller: your kieres be a MC?) will give
much work I'm chimp balance beam
your reach, you will kill the llamamradas, comrade for nothing,
The blast Pararas ke K throws you in the face,
Chayanne ke nothing to do with my words explode when I dream
Critics and fans are silent, they scratch, Greetings from
mud, not for all the Golden Globe sell my method by myself
beats rhymes pussy f*** defend my nickname
group and then spit it in your parrot CO, my flow is baroque
never wildly exaggerated I break everything i
toko and toke so your pride and thus ended the murmur from ke
destruztor flowed my rap is my exercise a
virtue and vice, an occupational hazard when Sakan FANS OF ME
KICIO, I'm not quite Jon Bon Jovi dream
ke heaviest and I'm happy, the question is if ke CANTAIS
feel? Hookers? Rap to me? Pop whores?
me? I understand I refuse to ke, ke no other and hug me
others call me and threaten CO, if not shine
I shine my absence, you hate me I hate your
impotence, just because I'm a hard sakar
Like a star you're the asshole
bring that bottle, brings


[Allan Beller]
I spit the mud on a instrumental
R, rock fans and doing shit for shit and are playful
as ke? all is shit out

No spines nail ke nasal floor, my
name is Javier but you can call me your goddess Dionysus, kiss
without permission, sekarme sweat slowly and if
suddenly devote a smile, bring the rum is the song,
Kase.O baby is the artist, passes, landed and
live as if death did not exist, nothing kiero, no hope,
nothing comes, remember, sleep on your roof every time
ke resurrected dream in your chain, is more a myth ke
the routine of your boyfriend's jealousy in each eskina
watching you parents, friends, girlfriends,
nothing is utopia lives
logical and sleep every day is not paradoxical,
Kami then studied philosophy and the tremendous Menda, baby
and leave you a tape, not recomiento to DaVinci
Di Caprio, know better lips of the wise and know more
my parties and more when I get depressed chicks
unarmed decide to commit his crime with me, you pussy ke
I done to your navel? promise a Resaka of
champagne and makes me friend, bad husband are not barking
screams acids but do not take my pillow are heard
noises are unforgettable songs Lucho'm not Gatika
know the vagaries of the metric and this explains
ke a voice is fantastic and my technique hebria be
drastic to your swastika, I'm smart and my father
said I'm happy for your brain but where is the
pasta? seeking help in a pocket I found a
I had no hole and a finger and two eggs and Raske me,
straw helmet I just wish your memory by only one
emporia can separate, step on my cross, I need
organize this, but this is no excuse written
no muse, too dizzy to a shy upload your
libido, I'm a hustler without LIKIDO harmless, so
floor as you please and motifs up to six times in
the chorus


[Allan Beller]
If we kick, snare you know of ke'm talking about,
Jota Jota is, walking around the rock where
colleagues are ...


Violadores del Verso

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