Graveyard Girl

Graveyard Girl


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Graveyard Girl en español

Death is her boyfriend
She spits on summers and smiles to the night
She collects crowns made of black roses
But her heart is made of bubble gum

Graveyard girl

Dark rags and red stars
She's the dirty witch of her high school
She worships Satan like a father
But dreams of a sister like Molly Ringwald

"I'm gonna jump the walls and run
I wonder if they'll miss me?
I won't miss them
The cemetery is my home
I want to be a part of it,
Invisible even to the night
Then I'll read poetry to the stones
Maybe one day I could be one of them
Wise and silent
Waiting for someone to love me
Waiting for someone to kiss me
I'm fifteen years old
And I feel it's already too late to live
Don't you?"

I can't help my love
For Graveyard Girl

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