Kingdom Come

Letra de la canción

Sitting in the dark
Staring at the sky
Within all of heavens eyes
Wondering where and why
Who made all of this come alife
Who knows what will come in time

Ooh, just to know what's the reason for making us
Is what I would like to know
Ooh, just to know where we go when the earth is cold
We may never know

Live it out
Meet the maker

All the mystery dreams and fantasy
We touched on our way to see
Living day by day trying to getaway
Dream on to another space

Ooh, just to know that you are not the only one
Who is searching on
Ooh, just to know that beyond there is something more
For the rich and poor

Live it out
Meet the maker

Oh, soon you will meet the Maker
Meet the maker
Sooner or later
You meet the maker

Letra añadida por: dm123

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