'Prison Blues' de SOJA (Strength to Survive)

Prison Blues



These prison blues, a standard issue
Even when our shirts ain't blue
We've got shake downs on a daily
Shanks, hooch, and snitches too
Those bars lockin' down a cell block
Warden's yellin' down the hall
Was you gonna make my prison thicker?
Higher, sharper wall?

I lift that hammer, hammer's heavy
And let that fall upon a stone
And let that shake these chains that bind me
And build these walls I call my home
I've got scars that poorly mended
And I don't seem to fit no more
Yet I wake myself each mornin'
Just prepare for what's in store
For what's in store for me

So tonight it's cold as bullets
Keys walk up and down my tear
Tell myself the end is coming soon
To chase away the fear,
That same fear that's got me drinkin'
and put these tracks all down my arm
That same fear's been inside me, ever since I was born

(Repeat Chorus)

Freedom's just a distant memory
I lose more and more each day
Can't forgive the man inside me
My tranquility is dead

Every day's like every other (x3)
Every day's like..let me out of here
Let me out of here
Let me out of here now

Let me go, no you won't, you say so
Just let me out of here

Just let me go far away
And never return, not one day
Just let me out

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