Canción 'Bermuda' interpretada por Shaman's Harvest

Bermuda Letra y Canción

Shaman's Harvest

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BERMUDA es una canción de Shaman's Harvest.



Lay me down in leaves made of willow
So that I may dream
Imagine breasts as silken pillows
Lay me on my sheets
With your tribal fascinations herding women as their prey
Trudging on the cogwheel while the back is flayed
Primal feelings passions high
Pulling beasts out of the sky
Shifting, breathing, carry me away
Tossed on the ocean,bathing in the waves that break
Turned by the fate of our eyes
Seduction hides your mystic glow
Lost in the valley behind closed doors
Perception is bliss
With your colored chameleon he is streching out his skin
Men are being baptized daily while living in sin
Herding cattle to their slaughter
This whip feels lovely
Shifting, breathing, carry me away
Tossed on the ocean, bathing in the waves that break
Lying amazed at the way the canvas is so perfect
Flown by the sound while our feet touch the ground
God sometimes I think this life's worth it
What was What was
What was changing me