Conor Maynard

Letra de la canción

Girl don't you know, girl can't you see.
Girl you know you're too good for me,
Baby do you know who you are?
Baby girl you are a star. x2

Girl before I knew you it was always stormy weather,
But now I've met ya, it's just got better.
It feels like I'm fallin, fallin, fallin, fallin in love,
And it gets even worse when we touch, I can feel my heart speedin up.
You've got me always wonderin whether, we'll ever leave eachother,
Or will we always stay together, forever.
Must be an angel that god sent, to earth to be my best friend,
But girl that's not enough, I wanna call it love.


Your are star, you had me from the start,
I didn't wanna fall in love, but you got my heart.
We built something strong, we could never fall apart,
Haters try and tear us down but we just laugh.
Your beautiful, your so sexy,
I'd feel empty inside if you left me.
Now me and you together I'll never find better,
And I'll love you forever if you let me.

I mean it truthfully, I want you to see,
Your much better than the ones that there used to be.
I'm so proud your my girl, your so out of this world.
Words can't explain what you do to me.
When I met you it felt like I was dreaming,
And you gave me an unusual feeling,
We're meant to be, I know this love's real
So believe me please I'll never be leaving.

Chorus x 2

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Conor Maynard
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