Edgardo Ramirez

Viacrusis de amor
en inglés

Edgardo Ramirez


Viacrusis de amor (en inglés)

Even when my life
I'll have to suffer?
q I can not see more
? forces are going to me?
and little by little I feel I am dying q

without you for my life
It is living hell
And in an ordeal of love
Q seems'm living and drinking
So ando dawned

Love have mercy?
have mercy upon your servant
By god I'm asking
Get me out of this pain and
I have to suffer
And please do not follow me injuring

What would I do without your love
? in the midst of a brutal winter
when your heart?
juntito mine and not feel it beating
when my lips they miss? your kisses sweet and tender
? probably going to die? hopelessly

As painful bear
? I have this loneliness q
the days go slowly?
time is not running?
letting will kill me memories

Sad and demoralized
I hardly hold me
• My friends ask me
that will be happening
? be to notice that my poor continues to grow

maybe they imagine
that the patient is suffering?
but women will not say your name?
no one will know that mystery?
May God forgive you pa with I'll agree
That you do not know the evil that I're doing

And even if you're a woman? L
it is destroying me?
never stop loving you?
after death I will follow you wanting?
but calls for my soul to have a resting
PA that my spirit may not go by there realengo

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