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Loud Letra



Loud (Letra/Lyrics)

Looking for the one tonight
But I can’t see you
‘Cause I’m blinded by all the lights, oh

And I can never get it right
I need a breakthrough
Why are you so hard to find? Oh

I’ve been searching every city
Never giving up
Did not find my angel
Diamond in the rough
Looking for a signal
Baby, turn it up tonight

Come on, get loud, loud
Let it out
Shout it out from the rooftops
Come on, get out loud
‘Til they shut us down
Come on, get loud, loud
Let it out
Show me everything that you’ve got
Come on, get loud
I need you now
Baby, let me hear it loud

Na na na…

Looking for the light to shine
To start a fire
Girl, I’ll be the first in line, oh

And, baby, when our stars align
And we can’t get no higher
You just give me a sign


I’m looking for the one tonight
I’ve been looking for the one tonight


Datos de esta canción

LOUD es una canción de R5 que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco Loud - EP. Agradecemos a ascodelacaraj3 por haber sudido la letra de Loud.