Canción 'All That's Mine' del disco 'Delta Machine' interpretada por Depeche Mode

All That's Mine Letra y Canción

Depeche Mode

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ALL THAT'S MINE es una canción de Depeche Mode que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco Delta Machine.


'All That's Mine'

I know it's hard to reach you
I know it's hard to breathe
I know it's hard to be you sometimes
I can't imagine what that means

This must be someone else's story
I can't follow what you plan
How could this be about me
Am I supposed to understand

Like a ship on the ocean
Headed out to sea
You could hardly see it now
It's a lot like you (a lot like you)

You're still looking for redemption
Still can't find a trace
If there is nothing after they'll be no saving grace
I'm giving you control now
I need some kind of sign
Come take away this sorrow
I give you all that's mine

(Chorus X2)