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Letra de Heal Me :
Heal me, heal me from the suffering!
See me, See me, Give me strength within

So many days of despair
When will it end? Yeah - When will it end
So many days of despair
When will it end? Tell me when will it end

Here I am, Let me see your way
The time is short and there's no turning back

Feelings, feelings
Lord keep me from going wrong!
Tell me, tell me
When the time is right for me

My mind is tired
I need to rest
I need your power
For the final test

Can't force the process
I can't speed it up
You're in charge of my life now
I leave it all in your hands

I worked so hard
All I got was a broken heart

I don't want to crash anymore
Lord give me hope to carry on

Dear God
Be close to me
Take all my burdens
I want to be free
Dear Lord
Lead me on your way
Lead me on your way
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: ludajipri

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