Petey Pablo

Letra de la canción

[Hook: Petey Pablo] 4x
That's why (that's why)
My gun (my gun)
Stay cocked (stay cocked, stay cocked)

[Verse 1: Petey Pablo]
Seems like I inherited beef
You don't f*** with Petey for what reason
Did I do something might a hurt your feelings
Well if I did I ain't mean to offend ya'

It's so easy for me to run through the glass of the building
Spit at Game,Young Buck, Banks, or Fifty
Why, when they ain't did shit to me
I don't get caught up in all that shit
Hating niggas cause what side they with
That's childish shit
I'm a grown man, I ain't got time for that
I ain't supposed to be around no gats
But this gangsta' rap

[Hook] 4x

[Verse 2: Petey Pablo]
I ain't a chump
I don't "mic talk" tough
Bitch I know how to fight
I done had my share a ass whoopings in my life
I been shot at and hit with bats
Got stabbed, took the man knife, stabbed him back
What the hell that got to do with rap
I turned my life around and pushed that back
Now I'm supposed to go back to that
Man that got to be a powerful sack
And you got to have something else mixed with that
I seen two of the rap's best
Blow slab off the map
Y'all choose to follow them footsteps
Be my guest
May the best bless yo' chest
May the bullets they send at it, find they self a new direction
Please Lord, keep your angels with em'
If they don't pray, let my prayers forgive em'
See the world can't see it outside looking in
But this here's some crazy shit

[Hook] 4x

[Verse 3: Petey Pablo]
One of you silly niggas might have it in ya'
To run up on me and try to earn ya' some stripes with your boyfriend
But I'm gonna tell you like this
I'm the wrong son of a bitch to be fuc*** with
I ain't with the bullshit
I could throw my shit up
Turn the white in your eye red
Hit ya' with a uppercut, a jab and some more shit
I'm used to seeing murders
That ain't nothing that's new, kid
Popping pistols ain't nothing but pulling the trigger
I've seen em' get murdered
I stood right next to him
Damn near shit on myself, thinking that I was hit
Shit, that's why (that's why)
I stay strapped
Cause I never know when I have to snap snap
And clap back

[Hook] 4x

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Petey Pablo
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