Luis Coronel

La venganza del coronel
en inglés

Luis Coronel


La venganza del coronel (en inglés)

When I get the news
my father died I started
to pull the horn as the
custom to remember me
moments spent with

was 6 in the morning when
my uncle told me he killed
my father I had not
believed until I
my mother and said there was still

ugly is losing a parent
and let a child ugly but life
is very short as well as long
said his last words were
much take care my child

(And this is for you jefito
wherever you are
and pure missael)

there is no way to forget
was always there with me
through thick and thin
since I was a kid
no chance on life
more to kill the damned

at 2 thank
to know how to care
rajarmele not any
is inherited from my father
continues with its head held high
are the words of my mother

he is there in the
clouds with the Lord of
Heaven keep a lot
and also beautiful memories
my father a greeting pa
I hope and see you soon


Datos de La venganza del coronel

LA VENGANZA DEL CORONEL es una canción de Luis Coronel. Agradecemos a missael- por haber sudido la letra de La venganza del coronel en inglés.