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This song by Flowklorikos titled '13 (in English)' delves deep into the theme of luck, destiny, and self-reflection. The lyrics paint a picture of a constant struggle with motivation and self-doubt, juxtaposed with a desire for success and recognition in the music industry.... seguir leyendo

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Do not tempt the cap only this Russian roulette
Is there comes motivation or the destination is an excuse?
Fought with my muse but for me it is never late
I am writing this post from my hostel to sleep
Bring me luck!

Liberame my mind of these strands
From outstanding numbers, surrounded by snakes
Waters mine self esteem when they wake
And it protects the walls of my forte being absent

Good luck to the usual, which taught me teeth
To those who feel when they repent
Do you want more smiles lie for the sake of ...
Since every weekend I have a new fan who defends me

I am an artist away from the lists
Near the battens, away from ratatouille makes me sad
Increasingly unhappy and sad
Like when you dream, you fall, you wake up and there

Far from your life arpia vicious circle
I want light in the eyes of asphalts my guide
More drought
But do not make gaps in my vice
Because sometimes I even write with unhinged and sangria

Jazz melody three thirty and noon
Anyway, tomorrow is another day bring me luck

To all who opened his shell Bring them luck
I no longer believe in love but would want to see you again

Drunk on a Tuesday born 13
Out of luck on my part, but since I started birth

Step the hours, the days, the months story
Designed for desire but nothing fancy
Because heaven now has an ocher poor, but managed
To agree the angel and the devil on my shoulders

I hate you inspiration when you run away with another
Stop praying, random live like George Cockroft

Life is short and luck is slow
Every time he gets this tempting roulette
And a backfire can send you to the curb
I always hide an amulet at the bottom of my suitcase

I curse my rivals
It would scare our ills nor talismans
Although the clock never stops, I will continue providing in bars
As luck may bring, until death do us part.

And so we are happy, 13 bless my faith,
Gerard occurs and no one predicted by the M-i-c,
and there is hope, but only a few attain it,
Fransanz Rafa and old-fashioned.

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