La Lupe

One Sweet Love
And Love Was My Purpose
Through The Pain Of Life You
Brought Me Goodness
To Be Saved In The Shape Of Love
Was All I lived For
Love Was Good
Love Was Pure

Se Acabo
Lo Nuestro Esta Muerto
Se Acabo
Te Juro Que Es Cierto
Si Hay Un Poco De Fe
En Nuestro Amor
Todavia Me Quedaba
Ya No Existe
Ya No Hay Nada

One Sweet Love
The Word Became My Palace
The Trees My Royal Birth
The Verse My Private Cause
The Sun The Moon And Stars
Would Move As I command Them
And Then I Could Now Own Them
I found You We're Gone And Then Came My Lord

Se Acabo...

Se Acabo In English
Means It's Over Baby All Over

One Sweet Love
And Love Was My Purpose
In The Pain Of Life I Found Myself Now
To Be Saved In The Shape Of Your Love
Was All I Lived For But
Don't Worried I'll Get Over
Don't Be Sorry For Me I Will Be Alright
I Won't Cry Anymore

One Sweet Love
Se Acabo
Se Acabo

La Lupe

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