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around the time that has passed
is the first time I have
in the same manner and on the same street
casual dress as I walk any day of the week
no matter the weather , the time or anything.
I fought against a disease that does not take into account ,
return to these places makes me think of all that I saw
for wanting to be happy only saw what he wanted , kept in my memory as well .
but I notice now that if I did not look to the side, a car would hit me ,
and had never come to the first appointment.
but did not. I went happy.
quice long not to prove what she felt.
I learned to walk without a destination to get to.
I learned not to photograph my suffering or save to upload to the Internet .
I learned to keep my life as a treasure, the love started .
today, with cold , sitting in the imagination , listening as they fall and love the good times come to an end .
but not a world tour or some TV , or a comment , nothing. worth nothing , if not I know enjoy .
on my last visit to my country I learned to love myself , I found a wise, told me many things I did not understand anything.
I now realize that this wise, of my country , of my world , I wanted to hear.
I said nothing , just shook his mouth , his mouth was not his voice that never came .
in my world stood listening to a wise man taught me crap I do not remember , but those things made ​​me return .
the pain is part of life cover is to remarcarle to others who suffer, but I learned that it was not necessary ,
or the most miserable people you are importing as much as that sage inside you, inside your mind .
I felt the pain , and now I see .
Why am I happy?
whole days thinking about nothing , wanting to be like it was before , getting to evolve both , a dark metamorphosis calls.
not give interest to scandal of the week or the cover of the magazine 's most famous , I only care .
nobody and nothing happened on me.
My metamorphosis asked me , be happy , do not expect others to make you feel well .

perhaps some amount
a storm without rain to give.
As the sun rises cloudy .
and nothing will stop it.
Occasionally I like .
when everything went .
nothing could ever equal .
nothing would go , because nothing came ! .

and no
because it never came to stay
and no
to mourn
if you call ,
not arrive .

Methfs _ metamorphosis
made , made ​​of fire
one ; metamorphosis

a combination dark
in a room without light
a meaningless life
a color faded
and metamorphosis
coming and I changed .
and smile
I changed

something blue highlights on the pillow
something gray in your morning
nothing matters
nothing surprises
life is a party already .
and nothing nothing nothing
could do
this metamorphosis change
or the last noise
is left to go!
and let him be happy ..

Methfs _ metamorphosis
made made ​​of fire
one ; metamorphosis

a combination dark
one piece missed
a meaningless life
a color faded
and metamorphosis
changes coming and I
change change change
as abnormal.
dark : dark _ FOSIS

arrives arrives and stays
as something devoid
killing and alabansas
something that is not called
comes and attacks
one methfs _metamorfosis .

rain the other way around
but that smile is worth more than my feet
heat enters
that nothing yá kick .
something new to hope
a little dark
I see now.

Methfs _ metamorphosis
made made ​​of fire
one ; metamorphosis

a combination dark
one piece missed
a meaningless life
a color faded
and metamorphosis
changes coming and I
change change change
as abnormal.
Methfs _ metamorphosis
Methfs _ metamorphosis

( and do not need to know
the secret desecreto
this being more than a trap
and when to light up your life
falasias give your mind
and dark metamorphosis come.
not warn you . is something unexpectedly , never know when it happens , just think of that has changed your life, and you will . )



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