Angel Haze

Letra de la canción

How did I get here
You keep running with all the questions
And leaving me here with questions
Its not fair
How your never there
You keep leaving me here alone
Please tell me why x2

[Verse 1: Tyrint Tm]
Why dont ya
Why dont ya tell me why it gotta be this way
I would never wanna leave this place
If all my dreams just played
Out like some seedless grapes
I treat her just like she a treat
She treat me like she dont me
I guess I lost the answer key
But that doesnt mean I have to cheat
Your a masterpiece
Take cheers like I said to have a seat
And glasses full of some daquiris
Pebbles at your window and balcony
And tell me, why are we after our ex
Well look at the alphabet
Girl dont make me have to wreck
Nigga, look at the feelings you catch
Didn't you throw them straight into my chest
And why are you still in that dress
Setting me up and im getting upset
She said, uh, my heart you stole it
I told you that you could hold it
I said, well love is blind and it didn't know where it was going
I dont think you heard me I said believe me not leave me baby
Cause darling my heart is weak from fighting off these demons baby
She makes me do what she says, shes a young temptress
And she just be leaving me, alone I guess that means she dont want interest, In me


[Verse 2: Angel Haze]
All I have is pride and my pride is just fuc*** worthless
I just keep finding ways to just f*** it all up on purpose
See, this is my life yet I become disconnected
My heads so far through the clouds I got the stars in my intestines
Success is just a reward, they acting like I ain't earn it
I spit heat, bitch, I should be rising like convection currents
But, my life at a stand still I hate it I haven't made it
Cause I used to be a loser this musics supposed to fade it
This musics supposed to change it
Shit is supposed to change everything
Supposed to take my dreams outside the fuc*** realm of make believe
Supposed to take my family away from a life of struggle
See the game needs change and im calling plays out the huddle
Calling but get no answer
But still must lead by example
Life us choreography and the stage is just full if dancers
Gotta work for what you get and the pudding is where proof is
When they looking at me now they can't say I ain't what the truth is
Failures just a concept, theres really no such thing
You gotta grab it, let you have it and live out your dreams


[Verse 3: Urz Truly]
Here we go
We be breaking up over stupid shit
Clueless bitch
You the stupidest
Making up to redo this shit
Honestly bitch through with this
Sailing ships of relations
Cause honest I got no patience
Like failing determination
Im losing my reputation
You love me you hate me daily
Its crazy
Loves your disorder
Cause emotionally your challenged and passionately bipolar
We make up you say you love me without me your fuc*** weak
We break up you find somebody yall fuc*** within the week
The creeping, lying and cheating then touching, sucking and fuc***
Use love as all your excuses its useless it fixes nothing
Its hopeless so why we trying, why the f*** we pretend to
It dont always last in love why the f*** would we continue

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Angel Haze
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