Down in the Southlands lurking in the dark without invitation it comes
To make its' mark. Few have said to see it many tell the tale how the
Monster hunts for blood feeding on the frail nocturnally delicious its?
Hunger never end. See the full moon swimming in the sky hear the
Horrible shrieking cry CHUPACABRA! Senseless superstition nature
Did neglect looks beyond description terror to inject. Caught between
A poltergeist and something you can kill. Striking with impurity when
The night is still. From small puncture wounds escapes the majesty of
Life. See the full moon swimming in the sky hear the horrible shrieking
Cry CHUPACABRA! Stay the path and never go astray it will steal your

Winged just like a Demon poison tail to whip moonlight shining on the
Bodies as the flesh is ripped. You will never catch it or is it real to get if
You fall asleep tonight you won't wake to regret. It lives far beyond the
Realm of mans ability to reveal

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