Disco 'PRISM' (2013) al que pertenece la canción 'Spiritual'


Katy Perry


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Lay me down at your altar, baby
I'm a slave to this love
Your electric lips have got me speaking in tongues

I have prayed for a power like you
To see deep down in my soul
Oh, you make me bloom like a flower, a desert rose

Magical one, a mistery
All of your charms have worked on me
I will surrender myself
Holy hell and heaven high
You have opened up my eyes
And I am finally healed

This is spiritual
Under your spell
The way you make me feel
Like an angel
All aglow
Like a feather
You make me float

Flying high as a kite on your love
Lost in sweet ecstasy
Found a Nirvana finally


You make me float
You make me float


You make me float
You make me float

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