Iggy Azalea

'Animal Noise' se estrenó el .


You won't believe this

I wanna take it to a new level
Rolex with a new Bezel
Camouflage to the right word now
Ain't even sound like money wanna talk now
Can you hear me, can you hear me first class?
When I dash ain't no other rapper Minnie
Just to get the kind of paper I'ma need ‘cause .. so click me
Boys some cardy A just to see the haters clearly
Boy you want a 10.000 for a reckon and you want Instagram suck em brain
And now you need a person and I'm a boss,
Who ain't turnin' and might shake ‘em
Bitch, you look like Miss Piggy
We like, where the hell is Kermit?
I'm a busy shouldn't give in,
Give a damn this feeling, I was .. about bynes
That's how you're winnin' the building
Mind on my millions ain't got no time for no feelings
I come to bottom baby I need my money on ceiling.

No classic and new killers, looking in gold mirrors and feeling like who's realer
Wondering new iller than the speak alive,
Round it's ?? don't need be surprised
Stand taller this pass wall
Dog ?? in Glasgow, feeling like .. ask for
Talking that shit 'cause I'm an asshole
Uh, fly telling that switching now
.. use at anywhere, I can't stand into a base in,
'cause ain't nothing about me basic,
Young of what I been on, young of what I been on
Mass murder ?? can't never think what I get on
Probably when I get my spit on, smoke I got on prip on
Rockin that Versace can Iggy get a big on

Ball ball ball, bitch I'm ??

Sobre Animal Noise

  • Iggy lanzó su primera canción nueva de 2014 con el Bro Safari y "Animal Noise" producido por los OVNIs.

    Más tarde reveló que era un corte inacabado de su álbum debut titulado originalmente "Monkey".

  • Iggy había estrenado la canción durante la gira "Aokify America" de Steve Aoki en el "Shrine Expo Hall" de Los Ángeles el 15 de noviembre de 2013.

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  • Iggy Azalea no está entre los 500 artistas más apoyados y visitados de esta semana, su mejor puesto ha sido el 131º en septiembre de 2014.

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