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Rolex Letra

Iggy Azalea

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[Verse 1]
You used to be everything, now that mean nothing
Thought this was poker with the cards up but we were bluffing
I miss you but pride won't let me tell you
Thought that we had all the time
But I'm guessing that plans fell through
Yeah, we fell off
I won't ask you to climb back
I paid twenty for that Rolly, I just want my time back
Was wrong too but I see it now
That you don't give a damn
I got you tatted, you took off before the ink dried on my hands
I was down to give you the world, instead you gave me hell
I lied, tried to be perfect and I played myself
And it hurts so bad, we coulda worked on that
Cause you say you love me, but real love don't work like that
The truth is, I left a piece of me in a piece I gave you
And I tend to laugh and crack a smile when things get painful
Said I crack a smile when things get painful
Remembering the moments when I used to da-date you

Rolex's don't tick-tock
But damn it baby, my time costs
And damn it baby, my time is money
So I need payback for all the time lost
I need payback for all the time lost
Said, I need payback for all the time lost
Damn it baby, my time costs
So I need payback for all the time lost

[Verse 2]
Say that you love me
I say that you're lying
Cause I said we could work on it, you said "let's leave it behind"
Couldn't put together the picture I paint in my mind
So how I see you now insulting me is wasting my time
But we live and learn and learn and love and let go
Cause if we stay in this then we might make it worse than before
Another hard lesson, stressing taking personal notes
Remember sweet nothings, like baby, what's the purpose in those?
Both of us saying it shouldn't have went like that
But sometimes in love, it just get like that
Used to think that when it went wrong we'd get right back
You know, Cupid's got another arrow, and shit like that
And for all of y'all watching I hope that this entertain you
And that you enjoyed this song that I sang you
Cause I'm still here laughing when it gets painful
Remembering the moments when I used to da-date you

[Hook x2]

Sobre Rolex

  • En esta canción Iggy reflexiona sobre una relación pasada, sin nombrar explícitamente a la persona a la que dirige sus comentarios. Ella utiliza los relojes Rolex como metáfora del tiempo perdido que pasó con él.

  • Iggy Azalea comentó sobre la discusión de temas antiguos dentro de su álbum, declarando: "Hay algunas canciones en las que te sientes como, "¿quieres que me ponga esto?" Algunas cosas se escribieron hace tanto tiempo, "¿quiero recordar eso?" Lo guardé todo, en su mayor parte, porque creo que la gente sabe que he tardado mucho tiempo en hacerla y eso demuestra el viaje".

    La relevancia de eso con respecto a esta canción es el hecho de que el tema parece tocar su relación pasada con A$AP Rocky.

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