Lost In Dreams - Letra


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Can I connect? Can I?
Can I connect?
From the depths of my mind to my soul
In my dream you and I intersect
You bring affection, peace and respect
And when it ricochets yes it reflects
It’s just another complex universe effect
Here marks the brand new intellect
To provoke deep thoughts and
keep you and I connected

Seasons change but I stay the same
Time flies by well I’m still remaining
I think I’m trapped in a game
Well I don’t know
Seasons change but we stay the same
Time flies by well we’re still remaining
I think we’re trapped in a maze
Well I don’t know

Can I wake up?
Can I wake up?

As we lie asleep lost in dreams,
Feeling like we are being caught
in between two worlds
Two different places
One that’s familiar
Others hard to explain but
We can pick on any theme
I can follow you and then well you can follow me
Fall from the clouds like the raindrops
Until we see the sunrise and our world stops
And our world stops

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