Audrey Charlot is a special girl
has small eyes and lips that know how to love
all dressed in red, one day I saw her pass
a favorable wind in her dress would help me

your home is in a remote location
I find it very hard to get you
so smooth guitar playing and love
the fire in his eyes made ​​me think.

This girl lacks my love
he needs my love lacks kiss.
You're a bit arrogant, it makes you ill
If you want to start again I can help you

And one day we will all get
as high as you are
I would like to wait for me, I wish I can do
I assure you you will not regret.

She's so cute, so sexy
I think of you crazy
're so fine, you're statuesque
come on baby will love.

I feel something new, something will happen
a hot air just touched me
reaches a breeze with your sensual aroma
this winter will not be the same.

Come on everybody, let's dance
tonight no one will be
Audrey Charlot back to my town
is this winter, it will not be equal.

I always knew it: I love you and love me
sometimes two eyes tell much more
and those eyes who will refuse
I know you are mine and my soul is for you.

Los Tetas

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