Nicki Minaj


No Love Letra

August, young money
I swear this is my favorite song
I'm serious.

August you know, i'm here to save you
Me and em girls, we ain't the same boo
You know i hate it, when you live me
Cause you love i then you leave it
But you know how bad i need it
You're so fuckin' conceited
Why you coming over weeded.

You can't treat me like you treat them
Yes, i am the créme de la créme
Yes i am from one to ten, ten
You fronting in them streets, saying with just friends
You can't front like this ain't why realer
I know you hard, i know that you a killer
I know you started off a dope dealer
But let your guards down
Your niggas know you feel her, feel her.

So what you want, baby?

Yeah you...

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NO LOVE es una canción de Nicki Minaj. Agradecemos a Barbz Colombia por haber sudido la letra de No Love.