Letra de la canción

I remember a time when elves and fairies were alive
I remember a time when magic, played a role in life
Concealed from our view, the trows kind live amidst old trees
But mankind lost all capacities and will to see

Mari-Morgans, pagan sons and readers of the runes
Don't forget the way, the left hand path
The roots we are all born

Korrigans and creatures black
The seed of fantasy
We're all travelers and vagabonds
On track that can't be seen

Follow me
For all the times you have star gazed, to leave it all
Come to me
Against everyone, who tried to teach you wrong

All the times you feel like you have been left abandoned
Beached and stranded
castaway in this sea
Gaze at the sky
Don't let this feeling die, keep this thrill alive
It's not the magic twilight

I remember a time between the stanzas of our rhymes
I remember the youngest hunger with the end in sight
Poured in my arms the will to leave a mark on life
I sought refuge in reigns unreal distant and wide
I'm leaving it all

...It's the twilight of magic

For a single beat of heart
For one tear of joy
I would seduce the night

For the perfume of the skin
For your company
I would plunge in bitter fires

Letra añadida por: LADRON DE ALMAS

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