Canción 'Better' del disco 'Amid The Noise And Haste' interpretada por SOJA

Better Letra


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BETTER es una canción de SOJA del año 2014, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Amid The Noise And Haste.

Letra 'Better'

Hello / True, we know we far away from us / Two, we know we far away from one, and…
If I can’t make it better and you can’t make it better / then what are we to do? / Spend our lives in limbo? / wondering if what I wrote is ever coming true? True?
Cause we spent our days together / as if before were never, like / ever days at all… and now… and now… / and you said I’d be the one / the one who got away from, from you / you knew it all… it all… well…
Tell me where did we go wrong? Tell me how it’s been so long? / And tell me where does “it” go? And tell me where does “it” go now? / And tell me is “it” still right there? And tell me has “it” disappeared? / And tell me how do I know? I know… well…
Oh angels high up above, come fill us now with your love / we don’t know what to do, we don’t know what to do / And we speak right now in silence over a million miles of distance / like 1,000 years removed and we don’t know what to do
Wondering, and keep coming back / a little phone call, a little weakness becomes a broken heart / and then the tears fall down your face / and you turn away from your computer screen / but it won’t stop, and it won’t change / until we walk away, until we walk away / hey, angels up there help us now / we’re running ourselves down and out / and we don’t know what to / don’t know what to do at all, at all…
Two, we know we far away from one / Baby, we’re so far away…

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