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No Doubt


Climb (Letra/Lyrics)

Step by step i come closer to reaching the top
every step must be placed do i don't fall off
looking down to see about how much higher i am
another cool wind comes through, brushes my skin
The harder i push the tension does grow
i gather my thoughts the further and further i go
with some luck i just might keep on climbing
so better to climb than to face a fall
So high the climb
can't turn back now
must keep climbing up to the clouds
Pulling myself up by a rope i better my view
the only thing in sight is what i must do
as i turned i could see myself falling
which in return gave me stregth for the climb
Although many failed
i must now prevail with no question
have no time to stop
onward to the top of the mountain
and i can't turn back now
it's so very high but i can't turn back now
if i keep up, i'm gonna make it
i'm so very close can't you see
I'm getting closer...

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CLIMB es una canción de No Doubt.