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You don't know

Mellow Mood


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You don't know how much I love you girl
because I never wanna let it show
and every time I've got to let it go
everywhere mi go

Come put yuh ting all ova mi
don't stop
put yuh arms all ova mi baby
put yuh lips depan mi skin
and pure fyah seh mi a fling
everywhere mi go
everywhere mi go
mi swear mi a tell nobody but everywhere mi go
do to yuh weh mi do wid mi rhyme
man a pree yuh from a really long time
now mi wonder how yuh so divine
'caw yuh still deh depan mi mind
and yuh neva say yuh really waan mi
but mi a go swear it baby

Gyal mi woulda stick to yuh
just a minute cheek to cheek to yuh
and hold yuh down like I'm addict to yuh
touch yuh ting like I was made straight fi yuh
no man can gain the world
but yuh blaze up my world
finga pull di trigga yuh got my heart in pieces
now yuh know how di verse and di bridge dem go
mi cyaan stop till yuh reach the...

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