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Inmortal (en inglés)

For all those people
I wanted to see rendered
And for those who look askance me
And I greet with falsehood

Here I am ... Giving face and showing
I for one am not mad
Because my Rap
My Rap ... is Immortal

I remember as a child nobody played with me
I remember I had not a single friend

I just wanted to beat me every day
And no one can imagine, as far as going to get

I can not forget when I was in love
A mine that his lies had blinded me

And my first rejection broke my heart
And here I am with my sorrows writing this song

And today I vent between Rhymes and paper
It is the only thing in life that manages to contain me

Rap is not your thing many people told me
But I did not fit my dream was only

And believe it or not, for I am alive Rap
Because many times I thought about suicide problems

Every word in Rima, saved my life
Because rap made me realize that suicide is an idiot

Many people talk without knowing what happens
I have seen him smile, but do not know whether to cry

Life kicked me and took me to grow up without a father
If I am someone in life it is only thanks to my mother

I come from humble neighborhood where I have no friends
The music brought fans ... and enemies

Because I think different and always go straight
So I'm in this ... and so I will be forever

And I will be forever
And what people say
I do not really care

They said I would never come Rap
And those same who spoke, I do not stop to listen

And no one imagine that would sound in Argentina
Much less that reached Latin America

And I am the voice of my neighborhood and Rap San Luis today
Representing my province inside and outside the country

And I will not stop writing, rhyme and produce
Because I'm going to be a rapper until you have to leave

(Final Chorus)
Life in a book ... of which ...
Half of the leaves have to start ...
And so a new rewrite history and forget the bad past ...

Remember the good times ...
And missteps give them back ...
And this day I do not ... my rhymes no one can erase
Because my Rap ...
My Rap ... Is Immortal

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