Who draws that line in the sand?
I've been waiting on a four leaf clover
to fall into place where my dominoes stack
because I want to maintain is why I'll never go back
I can never be any less, hoping left my penny-less
nevertheless I got a better retention when I weighed what I fed to the sharks I could never invest because it ripped me apart for the world to admire, never could have pictured me with me head on a skewer, no shame, the old die wisely
used to have a circle of trust, now I have fewer
c'est la vie, I tip my cap to the life that won't return
and bask in my glory whilst I cherish what I know I've earnt

whoa whoa whoa x3
This is how we live our life
whoa whoa whoa x3
This is how we live our life

Ay... sé que ya no tengo una vida entera
guay, quiero aprovechar el tiempo que me queda
vais a tener que oír mi voz diciendo que la
vida puede ser maravillosa, venga
saca la sonrisa, deja las preocupaciones fuera
no puedo controlar todo lo que sale mal, pero
cuando me ves llegar sabes que no tengo miedo
que sufro, que lucho, y por mucho que pase
yo soy positivo en la base (Aitor)
deja de quejarte y busca ya las soluciones
sé que si te lo propones llegará ese desenlace que soñaste
y podrás decir...

whoa whoa whoa x3
This is how we live our life
whoa whoa whoa x3
This is how we live our life

Why treat this life like a disciple? be a sheep herder
raise the bar, live life in harmony, beg my pardon, take the means further, we're all journalists, inferno pits when change strikes us
let's set examples so generations after want to be like us

No quiero ser un lastre para mí mismo, no quiero ser amante del cinismo, tengo una lista de pecados que he debido repasar, mucho tiempo atrás, pero ya da igual, te presento
una versión de mí completamente mejorada, cuando miro hacia el pasado nace otra carcajada, ahora estoy enamorado de la vida y para nada vas a poder apagar toda mi llama, jamás

Blissful, As a penny rolling over a speed-bump,
I'm as wishful, as the roots to a loosened tree stump,
it's been refined and converted into a well,
for those who roll on through their journeys with their lives to sell.
and as they slowly glide towards their destinations,
pennies dream of being heroes in the roots of broken nations,
there may be twists and turns and lessons learned but we can
twist the legs of those with pennies for a wish and kiss our kicks and burns goodbye!

whoa whoa whoa x3
This is how we live our life
whoa whoa whoa x3
This is how we live our life

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