Rendez Vous

Rendez Vous Letra



Rendez Vous (Letra/Lyrics)

Met you in the water
Oh oh
Swiming in the shadow
Of my heart
Went a little deeper
Oh oh
I knew that we were perfect from the start

Oh baby me and you,
We’re gone have a little rendez-vous
We’re gonna keep it a menage a deux
The way you love me gave me deja-vu!

When I get that feeling real in the summer
You can come and meet me
We can fall in love
Take me to the sea
Take me to the sun
Just a little secret
No one needs to know
Our rendez vous

Temperature is rising
You're the only one to cool me down
You're my hidden treasure on the shore
You know you the best thing that I found

Datos de esta canción

RENDEZ VOUS es una canción de Inna que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco Body and the Sun. Agradecemos a Alicia_CR por haber sudido la letra de Rendez Vous.