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Tur In Up


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They call me Mattyb I got the game on lock
Super swag haters mad but I still won't stop
I be rocking these shows, bass hitting low
You already know now take a pic on your iphone
Give me the mic and I'mma rip that hit like a bat
Knock it out the park ain't no way you gonna get it back
I know I'm just a kid but I got flow
Like an episode when I upload that
Make your head spin when I get it in
Make everybody re..re.. Rewind that
Rap so sick Yeah I got this
Matty cant miss and that's a fact, Make the bass go

Make it go boom
Shake the whole room
Turn it up loud
I know you like my style
(Break it down now)

Turn it, shake it, pump it up, just make them speakers go..go boom
(They go boom, aight)

I can flip this frontwards, flip this backwards
It don't matter flow so absurd
Blow your speakers Yes sir for sure
Rocking the beat that word to your mother
If this your jam (this your jam)
Pump your hands (pump your hands)
Turn it up scream as loud as you can
Put your game face on when you playing this song
When that bass hit low it'll make go numb
You will never be the be the same
I'm hot (hot) like a flame
What more can I say Mattyb I done change the game
Now make the bass go boom

Make it go boom
Shake the whole room
Turn it up loud
I know you like my style

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