Ni Una En Duda ( IceOd ) de Septima Raza

Ni Una En Duda ( IceOd ) en inglés

Septima Raza


Ni Una En Duda ( IceOd ) (en inglés)

Among slag debris darkness and shadows born rap still do without sales or purchases that I hear is me active and those who are against so encapsulated celebrate hip hop and vodka if a goal is achieved one more of them hanged or the vein is cut whatever the envy exhorts music makes me immortal muses me escort survived fame came and went at me that I continued my mind betting the underground duo rhythms that make you want to fight where better fluctuated I left them neck kapo shooting at them with frugal now finally silent bombing as an owl with perfect night view training tirelessly hope the first step and kill bill as turman'm faced lost but crude form of mockery if you expect straight I throw curves stun hip hop our murga those making absurd empty music of stun the hype of our murga to those sold without being paid or Kurdish that stuns the low of our murga to which they were mixed policy right or left that stuns itself that dj stun now figu nobody believes in culture and think that this silent but here I I abounds still alive and greeting all rap and are not rappers leave no doubt me if he heard them full time life of pure rhyme do not view not insist shut you will not get lost of view ever on the track Dare to Dream capable drugging hallucinate I missed a beat and go four perfect missing 20 alone for now clap drum drum box BonkFat Sarc horko so hard konfusio voice ...... dribble flow meter to check punch line you're high on fire all killer and spray tinderbox that burns like it is jumping the court Harden opening and closing without feeling like I was not dead Verlander or partying always late tiny as a mouse rapping in pesos large I slowly but surely as death no safe lenses pa this strong look no escape! I came to see you with your hands up moving the forehead wrinkled face and clenched teeth with the creeps surely brujamente abuse I sufficiently different pace in a coma takes the accident all classes without fail go Turn back parade crazy fill the street to buy walk I do not celebrate by Hugo much less suffer for Capriles cry throughout the film and laugh after the movie few followers more gossip fans discriminate comment criticize talk but I hope to assimilate that no ruler calm the street hurt the war is with g gain the peace with incredible unpredictable prefix how pa crazy become critical people who do not know my ideals think question I'm here to rap and thanks to rhyme have Christmas when I say f*** swag is not just for singing trap but is mostly of lies and pure fantasizes there is also one in the bum bass invented story pa formulated so that not a word I say in doubt if you do hip hop and not dreams or cars or mansions or submissive type foams are sold in their mission but no money but a kimura and fortunately I got to be