Amici Forever

Jupiter Letra

Amici Forever


Jupiter (Letra/Lyrics)

As the sand falls through the hourglass
Your love drifts away
I have dreamed of you so many times
I long for you to stay

If I turn another corner
Will I find another way?
Must the road lead me further
From you with every day?

In a world where all is changing
And every day is new
My love I know will never change
I’m nothing without you

As I turn the pages of my life
So many times we shared
Every word that’s etched upon my soul
Reminds me you’re not here

Our love was like a river
Flowing with its twists and turns
But this river’s run dry now
Our flame no longer burns

The future’s still uncertain
The journey may be long
And though this chapter’s over
A new one has begun

Datos de esta canción

JUPITER es una canción de Amici Forever. Agradecemos a ApoloD por haber sudido la letra de Jupiter.