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Jesus cristo
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Jesus cristo (en inglés)

Dedicated to the doomed wisdom
With sores on the hands and feet hurt
The world and Mr. apologize
The heart aflame
Implore justice and compassion
Where life and reason find themselves in paradise
Christ El Salvador

They have killed
They have crucified
Jesus on the cross a prisoner tied
I'm sorry to call
A strange power
I feel that the pay so not stolen
Fari, fari, fari, fari, Pharisees
Jesus shouted that end with the Pharisees
Prepare each end up with your wishes
Slapping the body breaking his fingers
On its face the spit your face
Stab in his rib gave

In the world they would not understand her dementia
The payment for the sins of men without conscience
A cross was sentenced
By its judgment snake
As mistreated weight
Gross race in decline
Amar was his sin
Teaching was his experience
He is in everywhere
Preaching is my conscience
When I'm desperate
I ask and beg with mercy
Just say his name I am filled with strength
Soon he had just this world of violence
The light will soon come
The just bear with
Lying now look like truth germinates
Wickedness is contaminated by the right to the walk
He gives light to any mine
His word is strong and fine

They have condemned
They have corned
They have killed yesterday and today continue to kill
And today we checked
A power status
It is very powerful that is very wealthy
Who sold it to a friend Associate
Who delivered it to a friend by his side
It is caught, he dragged mocked
He is accused all of them have hatched

Lord you will see even when these destructions
Rescue me, my life from these lions
Because in their mouth no sincerity
Open in his throat and his bowels are grave evil
Grievances machine with razor sharp tongue hurts
Songas talk with bad teeth are trickery
I lurk the innocent without cause will want to swallow live on land
By pleading war
My skin my flesh stuck to my bones
And I am escaped with the skin of my teeth unharmed
My affliction forgives all my sins
Look at my enemy as I was at times
Q widow's children have no heart
Nameless man the more generation
So I am greatly weakened ground
And not because of the shock of my heart
Why you hide your true face you forget my affliction
Bring my soul and heart of war prison

They have condemned
They have crucified
They have sold yesterday as many slaves
The priests plotted his defeat
The soldiers gave with stick
Torn clothes dad gave jailed
Torn clothes is sentenced
Fari, fari, fari, fari, Pharisees
Jesus shouted to kill the Pharisees
Pharisees Fariseos ...

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JESUS CRISTO es una canción de Gotas de Rap. Agradecemos a The Doomer por haber sudido la letra de Jesus cristo en inglés.