Letra de la canción

She walked out from me
She went away from me
Then I sat there
Then I cried there

I've been thinking
Forgotten thoughts and feelings
Where am I to go?
What am I to feel?

Is there anything left between us?
And if there's something left between us
Will she be here next to me?
Is there something left between us?
And if there's anything left between us
Doesn't she want me there?

But it's too late now, nothing will ever change this
My heart is in my tears gasping for her
Will this ever reach her?
Or will she ever know the way she made me smile?
I need you here with me
I was afraid picking up the pieces of her
Yet I knew it, yet I saw it

But I'm wondering now sitting by the phone
Knowing that she won't call
I try to see
Will I ever see her again?
Or will she melt away from the dying light of my heart?
Don't you feel me there?

Don't you feel?
Don't you feel me there?

Letra añadida por: Rubius98

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